Poster Presentations

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On Thursday, December 4th, from 4:30 - 6:00 PM, poster presenters will be available to interact and answer questions about their presentations.  


  • Building a Bridge Between Knowledge and Adoption of Safe Food Practices

Pat Buck, Director of Advocacy and Outreach  and Lee Faulconbridge, Officer, Center for Foodborne Illness Research & Prevention

  • Building Better Food Safety Education Programs: How Optimizing Fidelity of Implementation Can Maximize Desired Outcomes

Jennifer Richards, Research Assistant Professor, and Lindsay Murphy, Graduate Research Assistant, Food Science and Technology, The University of Tennessee

  • Changing Handwashing Behavior

Tonya Moore, Senior Public Health Specialist, and Matt Brosch, Senior Public Health Inspector, Consumer Protection, Oklahoma City County Health Department

  • Community Food Safety Partnerships

Linette Goard, Field Specialist Food Safety, Family and Consumer Sciences, The Ohio State University Extension

  • Comparison Between Positive Deviance and Conventional Reading Approaches to Food Safety Education

Yaohua Feng, Doctoral Candidate and Christine Bruhn, Consumer Food Marketing Specialist, Food Science, University of California, Davis

  • Coordinating a Two-State Extension Food Safety Program

Londa Nwadike, Extension Food Safety Specialist and Assistant Professor, Family and Consumer Science Extension, Kansas State University/University of Missouri

  • Cottage Food Law in Alabama Puts Food Safety First

Jean Weese, Professor and Food Safety Specialist, Food Systems Institute, Auburn University, and Christiana Mendoza, Regional Extension Agent, Alabama Cooperative Extension System

  • Development of an On-line Game for Post-secondary Food Safety Education

Adrienne Shearer, Associate Scientist, Animal and Food Sciences, University of Delaware, and Jeanne Gleason, Director, Media Productions, New Mexico State University Extension

  • Discovery Neighborhood: A Youth Food Safety Educational Program

Julie Albrecht, Professor, Nutrition and Health Sciences;  Carol Schwarz, Extension Educator, Buffalo County Extension; and Carol Larvick, Extension Educator, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

  • Expanding Food Safety Knowledge and Behavior For Food Pantry Managers and Volunteers

Ashley Chaifetz, Doctoral Student, Public Policy, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Benjamin Chapman, Associate Professor, Youth, Family, and Community Science, North Carolina State University

  • Food Safety Education for Community Volunteers

Christine Bruhn, Director, Center for Consumer Research, Food Science and Technology, University of California, Davis

  • Food Safety is for Everyone

Lorraine Harley, Senior Agent, Family & Consumer Sciences Calvert County, Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Maryland Extension

  • The Impact of Food Safety Training for Volunteers at the Food Bank in Palm Beach County, Florida

Ada Medina-Solorzano, Extension Agent, Family and Consumer Science, Palm Beach County Cooperative Extension, University of Florida

  • The Influence of Television Celebrity Chefs on Consumer's Food Safety Practices in the Home

Rachelle Woods, Graduate Student, and Christine Bruhn, Cooperative Extension Specialist, Food Science and Technology, University of California, Davis

  • Integrating Food Safety in a Farm-to-Table Approach

Marisa Bunning, Associate Professor and Extension Specialist, Food Safety, Mary Schroeder Extension Specialist, and Elisa Shackelton, Extension Specialist, Food Science and Nutrition, Colorado State University

  • Integrating Food Safety Education Within Garden-to-Plate Food Fact Sheets

Lynn Paul, Professor, Extension Food and Nutrition, Health and Human Development, Montana State University

  • Internationalizing the Experience of Undergraduate Students in the Food Safety Classroom Through the Use of Skype Technology

Lakshman Rajagopal, Associate Professor, Apparel Events, and Hospitality Management, Iowa State University;  Gerrie DuRand, Senior Lecturer, Department of Consumer Science, University of Pretoria, South Africa; Paola Paez, Associate Professor, School of Nutrition, University of Costa Rica – San Jose

  • Mapping Sources of Food Safety Information for American Consumers: Findings From a National Survey

Linda Verrill, Consumer Science Specialist, US Food and Drug Administration

  • New Roots for New Americans

Lavonne Meyer, Food Safety Field Specialist, and Rebecca Phillips, EFNEP/FNP Nutrition Assistant, South Dakota State University Extension

  • Online Tools for Consumer Education and Resources for Reporting Food Safety Concerns to the United States Department of Agriculture, Food Safety and Inspection Service

Kristal Southern, Lead Surveillance Epidemiologist, Surveillance Team, Applied Epidemiology, Food Safety and Inspection Service, USDA

  • Penn State Extension Food Safety Hotline

Sharon McDonald, Nutrition, Health and Food Safety, College of Agriculture, Penn State Extension

  • PUT IT UP! Food Preservation for Youth

Kasey Christian, Project Assistant, Food and Nutrition Extension, and Elizabeth Andress, Professor and Extension Specialist, University of Georgia

  • Reaching New Audiences Using Electronic Magazines for Food Safety Education

Julie Albrecht, Professor, Nutrition and Health Sciences, and  Carol Schwarz, Extension Educator, Buffalo County Extension, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

  • Reaching the Secondary Education Community With Cross-Curricular, Case-Based Food Safety Educational Materials

Adrienne Shearer, Associate Scientist, Animal and Food Sciences, University of Delaware

  • Risk Education for Reducing Foodborne Illnesses in Pregnant Populations

Patricia Kendall, Professor Emeritus, Food Science and Human Nutrition, Colorado State University, and Lydia Medeiros, Professor Emeritus, Health and Nutrition, The Ohio State University

  • Seafood Food Safety

Elizabeth Shephard, Family and Consumer Science Extension, Brevard County, University of Florida, IFAS

  • Thinking Inside the Box:  Using Cartoons to Teach Food Safety and Food Defense

Michele Samarya-Timm, Health Education/REHA, Somerset County Department of Health

  • Trends in Food Handling Risk Perceptions and Their Association With Safe Food Handling Behaviors, 1998-2010

Sherry Liu, Staff Fellow, Consumer Studies Team, US Food and Drug Administration

  • Use of Social Media in Food Recalls

Jessica Badour, Recall Outreach Specialist, Food Safety Division, Georgia Department of Agriculture

  • Using Social Media Marketing to Recruit Participation for a Food Safety Education Class on a Large Uurban University Campus Setting

Amanda Fleming and Christine Aguirre, Coordinated Program Nutrition Graduate Student and Dietetic and Interns, Department of Nutrition, Georgia State University

  • What Does It Take to Design an Interactive Online Food Safety Course?

Suzanne Driessen, Extension Educator, University of Minnesota Extension

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