Themes for the Consumer Food Safety Education Conference 2014

The Consumer Food Safety Education Conference 2014 themes were carefully selected to ensure attendees gain the practical knowledge and skills they need to help consumers reduce their risk of food poisoning. Increase the impact of your work by hearing expert presenters speak about proven strategies and tactics that align with these themes:

Motivating Behavior Change

Explore the ways that multiple disciplines can help shape and inform consumer health messages to be more effective instruments of behavior change. Sessions will deal with communication theory, psychological theory, risk analysis, behavior change, and other evidence-based approaches.

Assessing Food Safety Education Programs

Examine how educators can assess and document the effectiveness of food safety education in changing consumer food handling behavior. Sessions will explore cost-effective assessment methodologies and how to use assessment results to shape the development of more effective education campaigns.

Food Safety Education and Social Media

Take a look at the ways that food safety educators can use various tools and technologies to get their messages through the increasingly crowded marketplace of information. Sessions will also focus on ways to help consumers evaluate the validity of food safety education messages circulating through multiple media channels.

Real World − Real Change: Reaching Your Target Audiences

Observe case studies where education programs have been successful in changing safe food handling behavior in a defined target audience. Sessions will focus on programs that work with specific populations and/or specific communities of consumers.

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Government Resources

  • U.S. Department of Agriculture
  • U.S. Food and Drug Administration
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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