Western Carolina University Student Takes on Foodborne Illness

Senior Research project aims to increase awareness of foodborne illness across Jackson County North Carolina

Western Carolina University Student Takes on Foodborne Illness
Western Carolina University Student Takes on Foodborne Illness

Katherine J. Eagle, a Senior at Western Carolina University dedicated her Senior Research project to making sure Jackson County, North Carolina Medical Facilities have food safety education materials on display. Her goal: increase awareness of preventing foodborne illness across Jackson County.

Katherine worked with 10 different facilities to find out if they provided food safety educational materials in their waiting rooms. If they didn’t, she provided them with 15 Fight BAC! Basic Brochures. It turns out, many of the facilities were lacking food safety information!

After 7 days, Katherine returned to the facilities to see how many brochures were taken. You can view the results here. She would have loved to spend more time on the project to get a better sense of the patients’ interest in the information.

As Katherine prepares for graduation, she believes a career in food safety is in her future: “Food safety is a great interest of mine, and I am looking into career opportunities in this field upon graduation and my move to San Diego in May.”

Thank you for this work Fighting BAC! ®, Katherine - we’re excited to see what work you’ll do for foodborne illness prevention in the future!

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