Michigan Fund Makes Food Safety Projects Possible

A Food Safety Training and Education grant yields benefits for Michigan consumers

Michigan Fund Makes Food Safety Projects Possible
Michigan Fund Makes Food Safety Projects Possible

Every year, the Food and Dairy Division of Michigan’s Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) offers a grant for Food Safety Training and Education.  

BAC Fighter Jeanne M. Hausler reports that these grants have allowed development of consumer-facing materials that target Michigan residents. 

Another major benefit of the program to Michigan consumers is the improved food safety knowledge among employees of Michigan’s retail grocery stores and restaurants.

The Michigan Farmers Market Association is among the winners of the 2014 grant.  They plan to provide training and education to consumers for food safety at farmers markets. Click here for a list of the rest of the 2014 grantees.

Thank you Jeanne and your team at MDARD for funding these amazing projects in food safety education!


About the grant

The Food Safety Training and Education grant was established under Michigan’s Food Law. Its purpose is to train and educate consumers, food service employees, and MDARD employees on food safety.  The grants are funded by the industry through license fees.

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