Atlanta Kroger Co. Stores Add Culinary Flair to Food Safety Education

Food thermometers and recipes are a perfect match for eager customers.

Atlanta Kroger Co. Stores Add Culinary Flair to Food Safety Education

For National Food Safety Education Month, the Partnership for Food Safety Education worked with contributing partner Kroger to create a week- by- week outreach plan. We thank every participating Kroger Co. store for joining us in this effort to connect with customers on food safety in September!


Kroger’s Atlanta Division added culinary flair to safe grilling information provided by the Partnership. They offered a double dose of fun to customers: delicious recipes and useful information on food thermometers!

They transformed PFSE’s food thermometer flyer into a recipe flyer, and printed the opposite side with a deliciously tempting recipe from Kroger Chef John Szymanski.

Atlanta’s food safety manager sent 200 flyers to each Atlanta Division store - 120,000 recipe flyers in total! Both customers and store managers loved them.  

Thank you Atlanta Division Kroger Stores for reminding consumers that food thermometers are a vital ingredient when preparing food at home!  


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