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Middle School Students Put the Core Four Food Safety Practices to Action

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When the kids at TCA Middle School get cooking, you can be sure they’re doing it safely thanks to BAC Fighter Tara Mateo.

Tara recently hosted a cooking lab where students learned all about the four core food safety practices. The students learned about the practices, took a quiz, then put all of their new knowledge to action cooking in a real kitchen. They kids were graded on their safety and sanitation procedures throughout the lab.

Looks like they’re doing a great job - way to go TCA Middle School! 


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BAC stage!

Soup kitchen set includes Fight BAC!® posters

The set for the Horizon Theatre’s Atlanta production of GRAND CONCOURSE by playwright Heidi Schreck takes place in a church soup kitchen in the Bronx.  

BAC Fighter and former PFSE Board member, Missy Cody, was delighted to see these Fight BAC!® safe food handling posters hanging on the set when she attended the production in early April!   We’re definitely for all actual and all theatrical kitchens posting Fight BAC!® food safety practices!  Thank you for sharing this with BAC Fighters Missy!

Horizon Theatre

Altanta’s Horizon Theatre makes it authentic with Fight BAC!® safe

food handling posters hanging in the soup kitchen set. 

Culinary Arts Students Make Food Safety Visit to Elementary School

Caldwell County

Culinary Arts students at the Caldwell County Area Technology Center in Kentucky brought valuable food safety messages to younger kids at Caldwell County Elementary and Primary Schools.

In just a few days, kids learned all about handwashing, food temperatures and the “Danger Zone”, kitchen safety, food borne illnesses, and how to use color-coded cutting boards. The kids loved seeing the germs on their hands using the Glo-Germ kits and trying on hairnets provided by a nearby ConAgra Foods.

Thanks to these lessons, the kids are ready to Fight BAC! against foodborne illness. 

A Foodborne Illness Mystery

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Peter Wong is tackling food safety by writing a mystery about an outbreak of foodborne illness aboard a cruise ship. The book is the latest in the Galactic Academy of Science series, in which middle school students travel through time to learn enough science to solve a mystery in the present. In The Contaminated Case of the Cooking Contest, due to be published by Tumblehome Learning on June 1, 2015,middle school students Mae and Clinton are excited to be aboard a Caribbean cruise that features cooking contests for adults and teens. But when passengers start falling ill, Selectra Volt, their Galactic Academy of Science guide from the future, challenges the two teens to find the cause. Is the outbreak a result of poor food handling, or is someone purposely sabotaging the ship’s food supply?

Mae and Clinton learn about food safety through a series of time-travel visits to scientists, doctors, and inventors of the past and present.  They visit Nicholas Appert, who invented canning to feed Napoleon’s army; Clarence Birdseye, who learned how to freeze fish from the Inuit in the Arctic; John Snow, who discovered the cause of a cholera outbreak in Victorian London; Typhoid Mary, who unknowingly caused illness in seven families she cooked for; Ferran Adria, a master of creative cooking; and present-day scientists studying food-borne illness at the CDC in Atlanta and a U.S. Army research facility in Natick, Massachusetts.

Between trips, Mae and Clinton compete in the kids’ cooking contest, help out in the ship infirmary, test food samples for bacteria, gather clues, and follow suspicious characters.  As the ship sails through the edge of a hurricane and the ship infirmary fills to overflowing, Clinton and Mae race to gather evidence and sift through a pile of suspects. the book provides a fun way to learn about the organisms that contaminate our food, and how outbreaks can be prevented or stopped.



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