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Who is a BAC Fighter?

Anyone who cares about ending illness and death from foodborne infection. BAC Fighters simply fight BAC - harmful bacteria that can cause foodborne illness. BAC Fighters can be dietitians, nutritionists, parents, caregivers, nurses, local, state, or federal public health officials, private company food safety professionals, health educators, food retailers, food producers, and more!

BAC Fighters join us, and each other, in the mission to end illness and death from foodborne infections in the United States.

Together, we can achieve a food safe America.



BAC Fighter Benefits

  • Weekly e-cards on food safety topics, with links to new resources
  • A Resource Library with a wealth of consumer food safety related information
  • Knowledge Exchange conference calls
  • B.F.F. (BAC Fighter Friend) Office hours from 2PM - 3PM every Friday to address your consumer outreach and programming concerns. You can reach the B.F.F. (Ashley Bell) at 202-220-0705
  • An annual BAC Fighter report that tells the story of your work's impact on consumer health 
  • A LinkedIn Community Group called Team Food Safety where you can network and interact with other food safety professionals 
  • Support from a community of food safety educators
  • A Leaderboard with articles from experts in the field 
  • Opportunities to gain recognition for your work in food safety on the BAC Fighter Field Report Blog
  • A shared mission to end illness and death from foodborne illness
  • Twitter and Facebook pages with up-to-the-moment news
  • Bi-annual Fight BAC! Brown Bag Webinars, with professional educational credits. Visit our Events Page for future dates! 
  • Free, downloadable resources at 
  • Access to quality, science-based learning activities for kids
  • New programs and the latest messaging on food safety education, like Cook It Safe and Food Safe Families
  • Inexpensive materials and tools for food safety at the Fight BAC store
  • Other professional support for health educators - including a future National Conference on Food Safety Education


Ready to join the fight? Sign up to be a BAC Fighter and receive our weekly e-cards.  


What BAC Fighters Say:

“I have been using Fight BAC! materials for many years. The four food safety messages are very important and easy for the kids to remember. My students are very enthusiastic and like to share the food safety information they learn in the classroom with their families at home.”

- Linda, Consumer Sciences Teacher, Allentown, PA

“Thank you so much for these wonderful educational materials.  There are so many wonderful handouts for health fairs and community education.  I would also like to include your information in our quarterly community newsletter.  In the spring newsletter issue, I would like to include Six Steps to Safer Fruits and Vegetables.”

- Marketing Director, Fayette County Memorial Hospital, Ohio

Visit for food safety information, downloads, and tools you can use to educate people about protecting their health through safe food handling.


Government Resources

  • U.S. Department of Agriculture
  • U.S. Food and Drug Administration
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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