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Bremer County Iowa 4-H Learns Safe Food Handling

Bremer County Iowa 4-H Learns Safe Food Handling

Moriah and Reba, two high school students from the Bremer County, Iowa Tri-River Trendsetters 4-H Club used Fight BAC! materials to teach thirteen young Cloverbuds about food safety. The Cloverbuds got a kick out of the BAC story – Moriah and Reba used silly voices to tell a story about harmful foodborne bacteria. Moriah and Reba went the extra mile, making a coloring book for each child in the group. Moriah will use what she learned about the core four food safety practices in the upcoming 4-H fair when she submits a project on food safety. The Partnership for Food Safety Education salutes Moriah and Reba for their work to Fight BAC!

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